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Are you paying too much for prescriptions?

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Last year my father had a major health issue and found him self on seventeen different prescriptions. He has had a generally healthy life up until now. So, when he went from one prescription to seventeen, it was a big adjustment.

My wonderful wife Kristina and I (mostly her) suddenly found ourselves taking on a unexpected caregiver roll. (Look for a upcoming article on "How to prepare for aging parents.)

We found that there was just no way for him to manage his medications on his own so Kristina began setting up his medications a week ahead of time.

As we went along we found that some prescriptions were free with his part D and others were given at an "insurance price" which we never thought to question.

On January 1, 2020 I went to pick up some of the refills that were ready and was surprised to find that one of his scripts had gone from $42 to $63 this year.

I asked if they could see how much it was with the popular "discount card" we see advertised on the television all of the time and we found that it was only $36!!! That's great right? Well... let me continue.

I was speaking with a colleague this morning, it sparked more questions. I found that the local grocery store Rx Club was only $24!!! Even better right? Well... again let's continue. :)

A few years ago I partnered with a company called Refill Wise to offer a value add for my prospective clients who had no prescription coverage or even no insurance at all. You can read more about them on their website but in short, I told them to donate any earning from the card to their charity of the month as I really didn't do it for any kind of financial benefit other than to help my clients save money.

To make a short story long. When I checked the price using The Refill Wise card I found that the same prescription was $14!!!

The link to get a FREE card has been on my website for several years but I have never really promoted it until now. I knew it would save people money but, I never knew how much. You can get your FREE prescription discount card and start saving big time.

Don't forget to watch for a upcoming article on "How to prepare for an aging parent"

Thanks for taking time to read this. Have blessed and prosperous New Year.

Jonathan Brutto

Your Favorite Health Insurance Guy

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