Jonathan Brutto

For over twenty years  Jonathan was top performer in the retail sales and management training space at both a franchise and corporate level.  He taught men and women how to operate with professionalism, honesty and with integrity in the automotive repair business.



With only one hundred and sixty eight hours in a week he found himself spending more time out away from home than at home. He already knew something needed to change and when his wife Kristina became pregnant in early 2015 He knew it was time.  


Peace of Mind

After spending over three years at a large firm based in New York and one of the largest private health firms in the country he decided in April of 2018 to give his clients what they were really looking for, EDUCATION and OPTIONS.

Affordable Healthcare

We believe healthcare coverage is too expensive, it’s complicated and it’s untrustworthy. 
We will change that.

  • Lower Premiums

  • First Dollar Coverage

  • Deductibles Fitting Your Need

  • Nationwide PPO Networks

Gap Plans Accident & Critical Illness

Unexpected Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses Happen.
Bridge the Gap with Your Medical Plan. 

We offer a wide variety of guaranteed-issue GAP plans that offer benefits and services like Group Accident Medical Expense, Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Group Critical Illness, ER / Urgent Care, Group Term Life Insurance, Dental, Vision, RX, Group Accident & Sickness Limited Benefit Cash Insurance & Free Vitamins, Lab Discounts, etc.

Living Benifits

In life insurance, all or a portion of the death benefit that the policyholder may receive prior to death. The policyholder usually elects to receive living benefits during a terminal or catastrophic illness, especially one where health insurance does not cover all the bills. They are also called accelerated benefits.

The best way to understand the impact living benefits can have is to hear from policy owners who have actually used them.

Retirement & College Plans

Preparing for your financial future is one of the most important steps you can take in life.

With a commitment to educating Middle Americans about market alternatives, we pride ourselves on helping you make sound financial decisions. We’ll tailor a plan around your specific goals to create the peace of mind you deserve.

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